Buying or selling property in the Netherlands always requires a notary. In most cases, the purchasing costs are for the buyer's account and the buyer will then appoint the notary. But if the purchasing costs are payable by the seller - as often happens in building projects - it is the seller who appoints and pays the notary, although the buyer may also appoint a notary to deal with the mortgage.

The notary will check and, at your request, draw up initial contracts for a wide range of transactions, including purchases and sales of private and commercial property and ship registrations. The notary has to conduct various investigations before a property transaction can be completed. This means inspecting the Land Registry to make sure the property is owned by the person claiming to own it and also checking whether there is a mortgage or prior charge on the property. Sometimes property is found not to have been divided during a divorce, and the notary will then have to arrange this.

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