We will be pleased to assist you to:

·         establish a foundation or association

·         establish a private limited company

·         contribute capital to a private limited company

·         amend a company's articles of association

·         transfer shares in the capital of a private limited company

·         issue depositary receipts for shares

·         merge and demerge companies

·         change companies' corporate structures

If you wish to establish an association, you are advised to do so by means of a notarial deed. Otherwise, all the directors will be jointly and severally liable for the association's debts.

A foundation does not have members and is not allowed to operate for profit. If you establish a foundation, you will normally intend the ANBI (public benefit organisation) rules to apply. In other words, the foundation's activities will for fifty per cent be performed for public benefit, while no inheritance tax will be payable in the event of acquisition by inheritance. There are plans to increase the above percentage from fifty to ninety per cent in 2010.

To establish a company you do not need a start capital anymore.  A private limited company's articles of association will include the name and objects of the company, its registered office, the value of the shares, the maximum amount for which shares may be issued and details of any restrictions on transferring shares to other parties. Any issues and transfers of registered shares must be recorded in a notarial deed.

Once the company has been incorporated, the notary will record its details in the Chamber of Commerce's Trade Register.

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