Who looks after your interests if you can't do this yourself anymore?

Perhaps you have ever thought about what happens when you get a serious accident , serious illness or is demented?
Who can make known to the doctor? Your wishes in the medical field
Who arranges for you the best care home or excellent private care?
How and by whom your assets well managed?
How is your company continued?

You can ask your solicitor a ' living will ' format. In your life you will designate one or more  persons that you trust unconditionally. You give them a power of attorney to your wishes  make medical field known and to organize good care. In addition, you warrant to  manage your assets in which you can give on how this should be done. Detailed instructions.

In Life Testament you can capture your wishes regarding the following:
your finances , business , home and other property;
donations , whether to ( continue to) do and if so, under what conditions;
giving permission for it may or may not perform medical procedures;
the appointment of a mentor or administrator of your assets;

A Living Testament is a document in which you capture business case during your
Life happens so you can no longer act itself.
Wishes in the medical field

This refers to whether or not to give permission for the provision of medical
treatments. The best known is the euthanasia. Here you can determine, within the limits
legal means, if you find that there is hopeless suffering. You can also
establish a non-treatment certificate which you indicate under what circumstances you find that the
life no longer makes sense or is complete. Also, a " treatment commandment", which you declare that you include all
circumstances, life-prolonging treatments like one of the possibilities.
If you do not record your wishes, you will be treated in accordance with generally accepted
medical knowledge. It is a misunderstanding to think that parents, children or even your
spouse ( o ) t ( e ) in that event at the discretion of the choices you can make that they think
they are best for you.

Managing your assets

In your personal circle you have one or two people that you immediately say that they are good at
able to represent. your property interests These people point to as authorized to regulate. your financial affairs You give precise instructions relating to implement management. You'll find it pretty cool to donate annually to your (grand ) children or you will it is important to donate. cultural or charitable institutions You instruct your proxy to the manner in which continuing to do so. Most important however, that there are sufficient funds on hand are to ensure your wellbeing.

Mentoring / administration / receivership

Should it be necessary for a mentor, administrator or receiver is appointed will contain your living wills important information for the district judge. Who will be appointed preferably ( and especially those who do not! ) and the instructions given to this person.
Here you can imagine the situation that the administrator you want to donations do your ( grand) children, in due course. Inheritance tax on savings For this purpose, the administrator permission of the magistrate. When there cannot be demonstrated that with some regularity similar donations have been made by you in the past, then there given permission rule. If you have indicated that in your living will should be just that donated and to whom and in what way, this provides the space to the District judge for permission to give donations anyway.
ntrepreneurs Proxy

An entrepreneurial proxy in a living will can ensure that your business can always go on.
Problems can arise when you do not own are able to act as an entrepreneur.
Or just because you cannot solve . Must be that your company will lie still avoid if you ( temporarily) are out of circulation and thus can give insufficiently leadership.

Living Wills and your solicitor

Your solicitor is ideally suited to advise you about living wills. He has specialist knowledge and experience of the aforementioned topics.
Your notary ensures registration of your living will at the national living will registry. Doctors, judges other stakeholders and every notary can here check whether you have a living will. At the notary, they can retrieve the contents. Your privacy is guaranteed and your life will always be found.
As you lay your life will in the form of a notarial deed is indisputable that you have understood and liked what you have recorded in your living will. Your solicitor can see here increasing. This prevents very tedious discussions at the time that maximum use should be made of living wills ( was there any influence or coercion?).

You can living wills revoked at any time or change a new deed.

One living will is not the other.
The living will is not regulated by law. One living will is in fact not the other. everything falls state and with the expertise of the solicitor consulted by you. In order to make sure that there are certain quality standards are adhered to, the Association of Estate Planners in Notary ( EPN ) developed a protocol for the connected notaries. The EPN is an association of notaries who with estate planning (which includes living wills ) involved.
Notary Mr. R. M. Dom is a certified member of the EPN.

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